GMG Tech Engineering Ltd’s Creative Process in Focus

Looking at the way GMG Tech Engineering Ltd’s organization functions is a view into a dynamic, modern business environment where one-dimensional norms are no longer applicable or suitable to the complex problems faced by present-day organizations. Whereas, before a shoemaker was sufficient to come up with the design, materials and creation of the end-product, today it would take several people who specialize in each aspect of the production process: a fashion artist comes up with the basic design, a leather or materials specialist will look for the suitable materials, a dye-expert might come in to provide advice on the color scheme, an industrial engineer will get into the act with a system to minimize cost and hasten mass production and a manufacturer will accomplish the final task of producing the shoes.


They may seem separated by different functions and varying skills; but they are in reality one integrated organization performing a single act of producing a single item. How to conduct the organization to successfully perform a dynamic process is the job of GMG-Tech.


This unique outlook allows GMG Tech Engineering Ltd to “intervene according to various formulas”. The company believes that “a solution can be found for any type of customer corresponding to his expectations.” GMG-Tech provides the crucial support to achieve success in a project. The basic process is summarized as follows:


– Reflection

– Contribution of the solutions

– Elaboration of strategy

– Elaboration of all aspects required to reach the objectives


GMG-Tech’s formula for intervention can be categorized into several ways, namely:


– First, as a service provider, it will provide the expertise, the experience, competencies, technologies and other requirements of the project.


– Second, under a turn-key project, it will submit a proposal as long as the budget for the entire project is ready and available and upon approval, work can commence.


– Third, GMG-Tech can come in as a joint-venture partner, serving as a technical expert in marketing, financial or other areas required. After capitalization, feasibility studies can be conducted and partners can begin the project as provided for under a signed contract.


– Fourth, under a collaboration scheme, GMG-Tech signs an MOU with the client to come up with a legal framework for the project. After discussions, negotiations, site visits, studies and other preliminary works shouldered by GMG-Tech, viability of the project will be determined and an action plan is finalized based on the MOU. The technical phase can commence from there.


– Fifth, GMG-Tech group can arrange several concepts, patents, technologies and others and converts them into a project intended for a particular local partner. The local partner will take charge of finding a site, acquiring authorizations, managing the logistics and undertaking administrative procedures. The partner can also join the project under privileged conditions, if he so desires.


There is no specific way for undertaking a project, as far as GMG-Tech is concerned. It will all depend on the needs, perspectives and goals of the stakeholders. In accordance with its style of operating, there is an Art to organizing and managing people. There is also a Science to analyzing and utilizing resources and the environment in which they are found. Finally, there is Value gained in orchestrating all these vital human creative forces for the sake of attaining economic or financial success and making a meaningful contribution to people’s lives.


GMG Tech Engineering Ltd shows the way of doing it in a genuinely creative and efficient way.


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