GMG Technical and Technological Engineering Ltd

Some files, on which the founders of GMG TECH have already worked:


Technical & Technological


1. Production of water by ecological way

The negative environmental impact of desalination was the origin of this reflex.

– Studies of the physicochemical phenomena of the ecological production of water

– Identifications of the various industrial groups

– Technical-economic studies of various technologies


2. Solar Concentrator

They are mainly three research orientations:

– The statement with concentration

– Thermal solar concentration

– The thermodynamic solar die

The purpose of research is to identify the various actors of these sectors, progress and the innovations technologies, the various research programs, and the various existing installations.


3. Luffa Patent

It is an organic and 100% biodegradable foam containing urea polymer intended for landscape installation and the production out-ground “culture under greenhouse”.

Luffa makes it possible to ensure a saving in water of 90%, an increase in the process of growth of the plants and an increase in the production. Thus the advantages are unlimited.

Luffa presents effective answers to fight against the turning into a desert. Several applications were carried out offering impressive results.

Meeting and discussion with the owner of technology

Study of the various aspects: technique, commercial and economic


4. ECO TOWER – Patent

The ECO Tower is a technological revelation in the field of the production of water and electricity.

– Studies of the various phenomena which come into play

– Discussion with the owner of the patent


5. Vegetable Wall:

Patent belongs to Mr. Patrick BLANC

Notion and impact of the vegetable wall


The cost of the installation


6. Biological Agriculture:

– Identification of a list of labialized BIO technologies

– The market of products BIO

– Comparative Studies


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