GMG Tech Engineering Ltd Project

1. Conception and Study of a Green Brickyard intended for the arid zone:

Analyses & Studies:

History, Market research, ground, manufacturing processes, necessary equipment, power consumptions and economic survey.

Technological integrations and Substitutions of the processes:

It’s mainly to substitute the drying and cooking by using innovative technologies. The goal is to design a green brickyard, independent, modern and without Co2 emissions.


2. Project “4 VELE”

It is a vertical city project “City Life”. The project is composed of all elements necessary for the daily life of a person, a passenger, a tourist and so on. Indeed it is a multifunctional complex comprising housing, employment, tourism, business, sport and relaxation.

We mention that this project has obtained an Agreement of financing of “300Million€” following the development of a Business plan.


3. The Sweet almond oil

It is about the transformation of an agricultural farm of 2600 ha into:

– A field of almond tree on a surface of 2000Ha in order to produce the sweet almond oil.

– A biological agricultural farm of 600 ha.

– Unit oil production

The work is conceptual, technical, technological and economically focused on Biological agriculture, water, energy, processing industry. An action plan complete and coherent was established.


Dr. Becem Ben Cherifa


Dr. Ing. Chefaâ Becem BEN CHERIFA

Tel. :+.(33)
Nationality: French
Married – three children



– President of GMG TECH a group of technical and technological development in renewable Energies & sustainable development. The purpose is a transfer and the applying of new technologies, patents and concepts.

– President SAIR ACA: legal representation on Africa and the Arab Countries of group SAIR Europe. EUROPEAN GROUP of ARCHITECTURE, URBANISEME AND ENGINEERING – G.E.I.E. Moreover, I take part in the installation of a technological program of development within the framework of an exchange of Europe-Tunisia competences.



1990 – Diploma for the occupation of “Doctor of Mechanics of the Fluids”(Very honorable Mention with congratulations of the jury),Delivered by the Institute of Mechanics of the Fluids of Marseilles (I.M.F.M.) Mixed unit N° 34 of: Center National of Research Scientists (C.N.R.S) and the University of Aix-Marseilles II (U2) – France. Thesis prepared within the framework of a convention of research enters the I.M.F.M., the O.N.E.R.A. (National office of Research Aeronautics) and EUROCOPTER on the subject: “Experimental and numerical Study of the streamline flows around the bearing aerofoil, Application of the blades of helicopters”.

1987 – Diploma of Thorough Studies (D.E.A.) in Mechanics of the Fluids Delivered by I.M.F.M. /C.N.R.S./U2 – France

1986 – Diploma of Higher Studies Specialized (D.E.S.S) in Space Techniques, (Major). Delivered by I.M.F.M. /C.N.R.S/U2 – France.

1985 – Diploma for the occupation of Engineer Principal into Energy (Major).Delivered by the National School Engineers de Monastir (E.N.I.M.),

1982 – Diploma of Higher education Sciences and Technology Delivered by and the Technology Faculty of Science of Monastir – Tunisia.

1980 – Baccalaureat: Maths – Science; Obtained with the college of Boy of Sousse – Tunisia.



08 – 14 – President GMG TECH Consortium:

– Financial Engineering – Project Funding – Asset Management – Consulting

– Prospection and agreement for new technologies and patents

– Integration in the consortium of several members with different competences

97 – 08 – President SAIR ACA legal representation of SAIR Europe in Arab Countries & Africa: Development of the Group in 65 countries. Project Management – Conception and studies of projects – Meeting and Marketing process

1996 – Participation in the assembly of a tourist project in Tunisia, calling up on the Technology transfers as regards energy and of the environment.

1994 – Creation in France of a Development and research, survey firm in the Field of the mechanics of the Fluids: “Aerowind”

1994-95 – Project leader: of development of an aerodynamic brake car controlled for the blades of wind mills of great powers. Convention: “I.M.F.M.” – Asset Wind.

1994-95 – Advised in aerodynamics of company “LAROUSSE F1”, for the improvement of the aerodynamics of their formula 1. Development of a project (36 months) of numerical modeling of the flows of air around F1. Project well started but, unfortunately stopped for financial reasons causing the withdrawal of LAROUSSE of the international circuit.

1991 – Visit (for one month) of various research Laboratories to the USA, followed by contacts and joint projects of collaboration.

1990-94 – Responsible for Research in the Aerodynamic team at High Speeds (AGV) of the Institute of Mechanics of the Fluids of Marseilles.


Person in charge of:

90-93 – Project “Approaches by digital simulation of aerodynamic, which returns within the framework of a convention of research between team AGV and the O.N.E.R.A.

93-95 – Research project on behalf of the company “Asset Wind” on the aerodynamic problems of the blades of wind mills: Braking at full capacity; noise caused by the swirl of end.

93-95 – Participation in the research program “PIR- CITIES”: Studies by digital simulation of the effects of the wind on built structures.

1990-95 – Framing of:

– 3 Students in doctoral thesis in aerodynamics,

– 2 trainees of D.E.A. in mechanics of the fluids and

– 4 trainees of D.E.S.S. Space-Techniques.

1989-95 – Teaching at the Higher School Engineers of Marseilles (E.S.I.M.) the courses modules “Mechanics of the Industrial Fluids” and “Thermodynamics” 40 H by module and per annum for the class of 1era year.

1987-95 – Adaptation of a computer code in the case of external streamline flows. Use of Software: Finite elements and Volumes finished for flow patterns 2D, 3D with complex geometries.

1987-90 – Participation in the development and use of computation software in mechanics with company F.D.I. (International Dynamic Fluid).Good knowledge of “FIDAP”, “CFD2000” and “STORM”.

1986-91 – Activity of Research to measures out of blower using laser Anemometer and of average very powerful Videos of visualization.

1985-90 – Participation in Experimental research tasks, within the IMFM, on contracts of collaboration with: ONERA, the Aerospatiale, GIAT industries.

1985-96 – Participation and Presentation with international congresses (USA-France); Publication of Article in Scientific newspapers. Review articles of Activity of Research.

Very good knowledge of the various data-processing tools:

Computers PC/MAC & Software.

Use of Workstations with system Unix:

*IBM Risk 6000 and *Silicon Graphic Indy

Execution of work on large waiters such that:

*IBM 3090 of the C.N.U.CS.C. (Montpellier) *VAX 6310 of the C.C.P.M. (Marseilles)

*CRAY 2 of the C.C.V.R. (Polytechnic School) *CRAY – YMP of the L.M.T. (Marseilles).

1984 – 3 months training course to the Power station of Sousse on the topic: “Calculation of the Effect Rackings on the total Output of the Power station”.

1983 – 2 months training course at the National Company of Distribution of Water (S.O.N.E.D.E), at the Regional Management of Sousse.

1980 – 2 months training course in an agency of the “Bank of Tunisia”.

GMG Tech Engineering Ltd PHILOSOPHY



This organization as well as this type of functioning confers to the group the capacity to intervene according to various formulae. A solution can be found for any type of customer corresponding to his expectations. GMG TECH is a group which will bring all the support necessary for the success of a project. Since the idea and the file of the project approval, the work begins with the reflection, the contribution of the solutions, the elaboration of strategy as well as all which is imperative to reach the fixed objectives.


The formulae of intervention of GMG TECH are the following ones:



We can be a service provider by bringing all our knowledge, experience, competences, technologies etc. For that it will be submitted, to every customer, an official offer of services and honorary and decides. If he agrees we can start our work.



The project is defined well and that capital is available then we can subject to the customer a global offer for a turnkey project. If he accepts, we shall sign a contract and shall begin the work according to the international rules



If the customer has a project with all the authorizations but he looks for a technical partner, financial, marketing etc., we shall be capable (after analysis of the file) to become this partner. The work will begin with the creation of a common structure in Europe in which it will deposit his part (under his control). We shall take care to instruct the file and to provide the complement. After capitalization, we shall begin the technical missions and the realization of the project according to the terms of agreement



If the customer is a dreamy designer but he does not know exactly what he is going to make then we shall sign a MOU as a document for legal framework to start the work together. The procedure is the same that in the previous formula. Then we shall begin negotiation, discussion, decision, visit of the site, studies etc. all the expenses of this stages will be at our expense. If at the end of the validity of the contract (MOU) we agreed an action plan, then he will proceed to the starting up of the technical phase.



The group arranges several concepts, patents, technologies etc. that it is ready to convert them in project. We shall try to join the project of which is intended with a local partner in the site. This partner will have the responsibility to find the site, to obtain authorizations, to manage the logistic aspect as well as all the local administrative procedures. Besides, he can participate in the project with privileged conditions if he considers it interesting.



GMG TECH is inclined to consider and to analyze any opportunities in direct connection with its activities as well as its philosophy of functioning. If the file is considered acceptable, GMG TECH will operate everything to finalize it and make it succeed in the best conditions.

GMG Tech Engineering Ltd Departments

The internal structure of the group is organized in additional department some in the others allowing the federation of all the necessary needs for the success of a project. Every department has an exercise book of responsibility with objectives and strategy.


The presidency of the group takes care of the coordination between the various departments as well as the partners to guarantee the proper functioning of the work.


GMG TECH Technologies


– Follow any technological progress in the field of the energy, the environment, the construction, Organic farming etc.

– Negotiate any technologies, patents considered promising: Acquisition – participation – operating license etc.

– Participate in the diverse programs of researches

– Establish permanent connections with several laboratories, Universities and privates researchers

– Sign agreements of partnership within the framework of the promotion and of the development of its technologies.


GMG TECH Concepts


– Inquire new tendencies

– Analyze the needs of intended

– Thinks about original and innovative ideas

– Elaborate concepts

– Confirm the various parameters

– Organize them to be transformed into project


GMG TECH Engineering


– Design, Architecture, Studies, Engineering

– Elaboration exercise book of Responsibility and files of execution Planning and follow-up of the

– Files projects of pre-qualification and Call for tender

– Collaboration with the other international engineering consulting firms.


GMG TECH Network


– Develop partner’s network of the group

– Prospect, negotiate and validate contracts of partnership

– Study and organize the opportunities of presence in zones

– Opening of correspondent’s offices, representing or subsidiary of the group


GMG TECH Finance


– Collaborate with the financial partners of the group

– Elaborate financing plans of the projects

– Find financial technical solutions of every file Plan

– Plan, manage and control the budgets and the discounts

– Coordinate files and connection with the customers & promoters


GMG TECH Management


– Management and control of projects of the group

– Elaboration of the marketing and commercial plans

– Choice of the groups and the partner persons in management


GMG TECH Projects


– A department which works differently from the others.

– For every project, whether it is of the group or the customers, a team will be composed of professionals of diverse specialties to take care of the complete piloting of the file and transform it into functional project.

– These teams will work in narrow collaboration with the other departments to integrate into the projects the result of their development and the application of their products and know how to make.

GMG Tech Engineering Ltd: THE CONSORTIUM


GMG Tech Engineering Ltd – The organization chart of the group consists of various member partners of the consortium. This is not exhaustive and in phase of continuous evolution, our door is also opened to any organizations, structures, entities or the others inclined to integrate our consortium and to bring one more in the respect for the general philosophy and for the ethical code. It is enough for it to get in touch with one of our offices or co-workers.

Partners click here

GMG Tech Engineering Ltd

The Fusion of Art, Science and Business

GMG TECH is a group of several partners with various specialties united in a “permanent consortium” with the vocation to bring all the support necessary for every promoter.

Its action is registered within the framework of service offer: Conception, studies, assembly, financing, realization, marketing and project management.

Who We Are

GMG TECH by its organization, its functioning and its philosophy, is the fruits of many years of Work, Analyses and Preparation. It was necessary to pass by a long process of conception, corrections and adaptation to reach the current result.

GMG TECH is a synergy of skills, reference, know how to make, potential, services etc. Several partners, collaborating together for several years in ill-assorted way, under the leadership of a single entity so giving to the group the connotation of “Permanent Consortium “.

The objective is to have a capable structure to federate all the members under a single banner. So, the promoter will have in front of him a single interlocutor and will arrange services in the form of package. Besides, everything was elaborated so as to frame the customers, bring them all the necessary support while guaranteeing their intervention, investment and Assets.

The best way of including GMG TECH is to have an outline on the various phases having imposed its creation. This passes by small return in the time supporting the historic process of the group.


Considering the background and competences of its founders, the initial vocation of GMG TECH, is to be an international platform of advice, application, industrialization, promotion and marketing of new technologies within the framework of a know-how transmission in domain of “Renewable energies and sustainable development “.

This approach did not find a big echo with the promoters, or at least those with whom we had the possibility of collaborating, for the simple reason that the financial, marketing, commercial sectors and the management are left by essential elements in any negotiations. We cannot sell technology to promoters who are often in search of solution to complete the financing plan or to be assisted with different competences in the other sectors.

This report urged the founders to direct their strategy to the contribution missing competences as a supplement to the technological sector. This reformulation has to take into account several parameters to know mentality, state of mind, economic situations, reality, requirements etc. about zones and about targeted customers.

The new formula consists then in basing a structure capable of taking care of a project from A to Z by offering all the guarantees and the chances of success. The application of the new technologies will become then a logical consequence; inside one package several services and missions.

The idea is to join, to surround itself, to coordinate, to collaborate etc. with groups in the diverse additional fields of expertise in the first vocation of GMG TECH. These groups will become then permanent partners of GMG TECH ready to intervene or to integrate any team or working consortium concerning every project the group of which will have the responsibility to realize.

By this approach, at least eccentric, GMG TECH will remain a group of unlimited evolution. Its partners’ network fills out from day to day obliging the group to distribute the skills in non-adapted structures each one in a specific field of intervention.

After several years of dialogue and development the group is ready today to face these missions in the best conditions. GMG TECH is armed to assume any type of projects about is its vocation or its dimension.

Besides, its sound profiles of advice and service provider, GMG TECH is also capable to share risks, join the promoters in the shift of study, finance, assemble, realize and manage their projects. This will be made in an indirect way by associating the partners specialized and suited in the diverse fields of intervention and to each of try.

At the same time as the technological sectors, the group conceives and elaborates ideas which after validation will be converted in concepts. After a phase of validation and study these concepts will be transformed into projects ready to be realized. Given that we are designers of projects, our approach consisted in preparing one package of elements or everything will be validated technically, technologically, Financially etc. the technological sector is then an automatic consequence.